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An In-Depth Review Of The Lumo Lift


lumolift1Proper posture while standing, sitting, and walking can greatly affect your health over time many do not realize how poorly their posture has become over years of slouching. People tend to slouch because they are too busy reading, playing video games, or spending too much time on tablets and smart phones. If your posture and health is becoming a major concern for you then the Lumo Lift is exactly what you need.

The Lumo Lift is very simple in design: the main unit is a small, non-obtrusive magnetic clasp that you attach to your clothing. This unit will track your posture as well as other important data such as the number of steps you take in a day, how often your posture is correct throughout the day, daily movement, and even caloric output. This data is then transmitted to the Lumo Lift app, accessible both iOS.

Features and Specs

  • Proper Posture Tracking – the main job of the Lumo Lift is to track your posture and it does this by keeping tabs on your core position, body positions, and upper body posture.
    This system will track your posture all throughout the day, even when you are walking, sitting down, or standing up. All of the data is saved on the Lumo Lift app and you will get a daily recording to see how well you’ve done.
  • Weightless, Non-Obtrusive Design – all in all, the Lumo Lift tracker measures a mere 44.5×25.4mm, weighs 11.5 grams and is only 12.7mm thick. The front end (the clasp) which attaches to the front side of your shirt is only 2.5mm thick and weighs one gram. All together that means the device only weighs 12.5 grams – barely even noticeable. Your shirt won’t even sag so long as it isn’t too loose.
  • Simple and Intuitive to Use – a device such as this might seem daunting to use but in reality it is very simple. When you first turn it on it will ask you to pull your shoulders back, sit/stand straight, and keep your chin up. This is to allow it to record a proper baseline.
    Afterwards you simply need to double-tap the device, it will vibrate three times, and you’re ready to go! On the regular settings it will only track your posture.
    However, on the “coaching” mode you will get buzzed every time you veer off the proper body alignment. Whenever you are slouching off the pre-recorded “good posture” setting, the device will vibrate, telling you to fix your posture. As most Lumo Lift reviews have already pointed out, the device is very accurate in detecting your posture so if you tend to slouch often you will get bullied by Lumo Lift’s constant vibrating. In that sense, it does its job very well!
  • Activity Tracking and App Use – these two features come together. The Lumo Lift is able to keep track of how often your posture is “good”, distance travelled, total number of steps taken, and caloric output.
    Using the phone app, you’ll be able to review your progress. There are daily reports that show how good or bad your posture was throughout the day. This app can also give you notifications that your posture is getting better or worse.
    You will use this app to access the aforementioned “coaching” mode. This is a training session where the device will constantly buzz whenever you’re off proper posture.
  • Basic Tools in the Box – when you get the Lumo Lift there are only a few tools inside the box but these are the only tools you’ll need. First there is the main device, the Lumo Lift tracker, and then there are a few magnetic clasps. There is also a bra clasp for women. The clasps come in different colours and are all small and square in design, making them easy to blend with any type of clothing. Also in the box is the tracker’s charging dock.

How to Use Lumo Lift

lumo liftUsing Lumo Lift is very easy. Here is a step by step guide that will walk you through, from opening the box to tracking your data.

  1. First, take the Lumo Lift tracker and a clasp of your choice.
  2. Now you will need to activate the device and for this you will need to have the Lumo Lift app on your smart phone. Once you do, open the app.
  3. The app will notify you that you need to link the Lumo Lift tracker to the phone’s app. To do this simply follow the on-screen instructions until it asks you to double-tap the Lumo Lift.
  4. After double-tapping, the tracker will vibrate. This is the sign that it is now active and linked to the phone app.

Operating the Equipment

  1. Now that it is active, all you have to do is attach it to your clothes. Slip the tracker underneath the fabric of your shirt, particularly right below the collarbone.
  2. Use any of the magnetic clasps to lock the tracker in place.
  3. On your first time wearing, you will need to let the device know what your standard “good” posture is. Simply stand up straight, in the best posture you can conjure, and then double tap. It will record this setting and will use it as a baseline to judge your performance.
  4. That’s all there is to it! Simply wear the device and it will keep track of your performance throughout the day.

Using the Coaching Mode

  1. The Coaching Mode is a training session that can last five minutes or longer. It is a programmed mode that makes the device vibrate any time you are off the proper posture.
  2. Simply turn this mode on by activating it on the phone app.

Tracking Your Progress

By accessing the Lumo Lift app you will be able to check:

  • How your posture has been through the day, week, or a specific date
  • How long you’ve been at rest
  • How long you’ve maintained good posture
  • Caloric output
  • Steps taken (pedometer settings)
  • Goal for total steps
  • Coaching Mode statistics

Lumo Lift Benefits

lumolift3This Lumo Lift review has gone through the different features of the posture-fixing device and with all things said there are many pros and cons with it. First off, here is a quick rundown of the main benefits of the Lumo Fit, to be quickly followed by a list of its main drawbacks.

  • The Lumo Lift does what it was built to do. It accurately measures your posture and does a good job in keeping track of your progress. The data forces a person to unconsciously attempt to make their posture better.
  • It is very lightweight and very non-obtrusive. The clasps are small and light, making it easy to wear with any type of clothing. The added touch of a bra clasp is ingenious marketing as well.
  • There is no doubt that the Lumo Lift is easy to use. Simply double-tap and you’re good to go. The mobile app is easy to access and its interface is quick to browse through. You won’t need to sit through a lengthy manual just to use the Lumo Lift.
  • Battery life is amazing. It only takes two hours for it to fully charge (from an absolutely drained battery status) but it will last you a good full five days of use. The charging dock uses USB charging ports, making it easy to use on any computer or wall (with a USB adaptor).
  • You will want to sync the device so you can store all of the data over time. Even when you don’t the built-in 32MB data space is good enough to store four weeks of data!


The coaching mode is sadly a short training session. It would have been nice if there was an option to keep it on longer. The developers stated that this was to prevent consumers from feeling “nagged” all the time. Still, it would have been a nice addition to those who wanted it.

What Customers Say About It

If you take a moment to search for online Lumo Lift reviews you will notice that the average consumer gives it a four out of five stars, even on major retail websites. A common Lumo Lift praise is how its tracking app entices users to beat their “score” by fixing their posture the next day. The only common complaint is that there is no mode for Yoga postures. However, Lumo Bodytech Inc. had stated that there are plans to include this feature later on.


Whether you are suffering from back pains, poor spinal conditions, or you just want to stand with confidence, the Lumo Lift is the ideal tool to turn to. It is very accurate in keeping track of your data, it is easy to use, and it is built to be non-obtrusive and long-lasting with its five-day battery life. If you wanted the perfect health device to monitor your posture then the Lumo Lift is the best gadget in the market today.

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