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Guide On How To Fix Posture Issues


Back painNo one wants to look older because of a poor posture. So, if you think that you are having some issues with your stance, check out this guide on how to fix posture that can improve the way you walk, sit and stand. It may also help to assess your current posture and address any concerns with the right workout. Discover more about these ways on how to correct bad posture as you read along and consider applying these tips that are beneficial to not only to your stance, but also to your general health.

Have a Good Analysis of Your Posture

The first thing you need to do if you want to improve your posture is by examining your current stance. After all, how will you be able to fix your posture if you have no idea what to improve on? Start by wearing a tight-fitting attire, and take your photo (full body) from the front and side view. As you do so, try to keep your muscles as relaxed as possible. Moreover, do your best to stand tall and maintain a hip-width distance with your feet.

Afterwards, determine if your head is a bit far forward than normal, or your back appears to be rounded, or if one shoulder is higher than the other. Once you have diagnosed any posture issue, then you can proceed to performing the right workout that will target these concerns. Just be sure to perform each movement gently and slowly as possible, so you can avoid any strain on your back, knees and other body parts while you workout.

Knowing Your Flaws

There are several things that people unconsciously do, which affect their posture negatively. For instance, there are some individuals who sit in front of the computer for hours and avoid performing any exercises that can improve blood circulation. However, you need to understand that the human body is intended to move as often as possible. By sitting still for hours, you are causing your body to experience pain and discomfort because of a lack of motion and poor circulation.

When you use your phone for texting or making phone calls, do you usually tilt your head or keep it slouched forward? These are poor practices as they cause you to have your head far forward. If you notice this as one of your concerns, be sure to do something about it with the right exercise.

Some people, particularly those who spend hours seated, may suffer from some kind of tightness in the front portion or anterior chain of their body. This type of discomfort may require some exercises that help strenghten the back to preven such painful sensation. Moreover, you will also have to make a conscious effort to staying active instead of spending much of your time just seated behind your desk.

Taking the Right Action

Once you have determined your posture concerns, you should begin performing the right techniques that could address these issues. After all, there are several solutions to your dilemma with your posture, and it is only a matter of applying the right technique that can target your concerns well.

If you have cannot avoid staying seated for hours because of your sedentary job, then you may want to use a standing desk instead of conventional ones. This allows you to move more frequently, which is just what you need to improve your circulation while allowing your body to attain proper posture.

As often as you can, perform stretches that will help lenghten your muscles such as your biceps, forearms and chest. When you do lunges, try to reach upward as though your are aiming to touch the sky. This movement can help open muscles at the front part of our body.

Workout your upper body by performing pulling movements that can also exercise your shoulder blades. Some excellent options for these exercises include bench presses and pushups. You may also perform pull-ups, standing and seated rows.

If your primary concern involves your shoulders, then you should roll these parts of your body down and backwards. Next, pull back your elbows toward your back, as this movement gently presses the scapula against the ribs and promotes proper posture.

As you perform exercises, make it a point to breathe as slowly as possible. Begin by breathing in through your nostrils until you slowly fill up your belly with air. Pause for at least 5 seconds, then slowly breathe out while having your tongue pressed slightly at the roof of your mouth. This will help you breathe in an out slowly to minimize stress and enhance your posture.

Other Easy Tips on How to Correct Your Posture

Sometimes, your shoes are to blame when your posture appears less than perfect. With this in mind, it may be best to invest on shoes that are thin-soled and comfortable on your feet. Be sure to buy shoes that are a perfect fit for you, and if possible, choose those with thin soles that enable you to walk with balance, poise and stability.

Whenever you can, perform exercises that challenge and improve your balance. This includes walking on an uneven surface or sand, which can help improve your coordination and posture, at the same time. As you perform these, you may walk with your bare feet, or wear thin-soled shoes. By doing so, the different nerve receptors located in your feet can improve your brain, muscles and nervous system. This also aids in improving your posture while enhancing the quality of each move you make.

Lastly, you may consult a professional for any concerns you may have with your posture. Chiropractors, for instance, are professionals who specialize in enhancing your posture by implementing a special approach based on science. They can help those who are experiencing chronic pain or posture problems by utilizing a customized approach suitable for each individual’s unique case.

Stand Tall and Stay Fit

Your posture has a huge impact not only to how people perceive you, but also with your overall health condition. Hence, make it a habit to ensure proper posture whether you are standing, sitting, walking or sleeping. This way, you can eliminate any pains that come with poor posture.

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