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Best Posture Exercises And Their Benefits


BackacheLooking for a list of the best posture exercises? If you think you need to lose your habit of slumping and slouching, these these posture correction exercises will surely come in quite handy. You will also like the fact that these exercises are easy to do, so even newbies can get into the groove and try these simple posture exercises.

Features of Great Posture Exercises

Do you sometimes wish you can have the elegant stance of a ballerina, or perhaps appear as dignified and graceful as a yoga instructor? You can achieve this goal by simply performing certain exercises that can strengthen your core, straighten your back, and connect your lower back and abdominal muscles to your spine. It is only a matter of performing these exercises correctly, so you can achieve your goal of having an impressive stance while improving your health.

Generally, these posture exercises work by moving your torso in a way that can correct your problems with slouching. These exercises also help stabilize your spine in its neutral and natural position, which is essential in attaining balance and harmony within your body.

Getting Started

Forget about those exercises that consist quick and jerky movements. If there is an exercise worth performing, it would be physical activities that involve slow, gentle and controlled movements such as the ones included in most yoga postures. These moves help strengthen your core and overall body while improving your posture along the way.

To begin, it is best to create a workout plan that will target a specific body part per day. Then, make sure you adhere to your plan that will enable you to achieve your targeted results for your body’s total improvement.

Core Exercise

Your core muscles help you maintain proper posture while stabilizing your pelvis. The best way to workout these areas of your body is by performing a single-leg extension that will engage your muscles. Begin by lying on your back and keeping both knees bent. Be sure that you feet remain flat on the ground, and have your hands clasped at the back of your head. Slowly, press down your back on the floor while curling your head up.

With all your strength, exhale as strong as you can and gently pull your navel in and toward the spine. Pull your knee into the chest and maintain your lower back pressed firmly to the floor. At the same time, extend the other leg at a 45-degree angle away from the floor. Try to pull in your abdonimal muscles and lower back on the ground. In case your lower back begins to arch away from the floor, just stretch your leg toward the ceiling.

Do these steps with your other leg, and try to make at least 10 leg extensions on both sides. You may even add some challenge in this move by extending your arms upward as you stretch your legs. Then, try to reach the other direction from both legs.

Performing a Curl-Up Exercise

Another workout that is good for your core muscles is this crunch exercise. It targets your obliques and abdonimals, so you can improve your posture and maintain an elegant stance at all times.

To start with this exercise, lie on your back and keep both knees bent with feet pressed to the floor. Interlock your fingers behind your head and try to reach both arms toward the bent knees. Just be sure you do not force yourself too hard to avoid creating any tension in the neck area.

After exhaling, slowly curl your shoulders and head and lift your body off the floor. Next, lower your back again and repeat this move thrice or more until your body is accustomed to this workout. You may also add some intensity with this exercise by extending a leg at about a 45-degree angle and keeping it pointed at the ceiling.

Excellent Neck Exercise

Do you find it difficult not to slouch because of your painful neck or any stiffness in that area? If so, then this exercise can be a great option for you to try. All you need to do is to move your head and drop your chin to stretch gently the back of your neck. For better results, consider holding this position for at least 5 counts before releasing the pose. You may also perform this movement at least 10 times per day as necessary.

Workout for Your Shoulders

If you are bothered about your tendency to slouch most of the time, then you should perform this great exercise for your shoulders. This is beneficial to those who are experiencing any discomfort with that large muscle found on your shoulders and your back.

Just lie on the floor, facedown. Then, have both arms at a 90 degree angle. Keep the elbows in the same position while raising your arms as you pull back the shoulders. This movement should also squeeze and workout your shoulder blades, so make sure you hold the pose for at least 5 seconds. Perform at least three sets of this exercise each day for excellent results.

Loosen Tightness in the Hip Flexors

Feeling some tightness and discomfort in your hip flexors? Try this great workout that can solve this issue perfectly. While keeping the right foot planted on the floor and kneeling on your left knee, gently press forward in slow movements. Do this step until you feel a gentle stretch in the left hip. You may tighten your buttocks to help you stretch farther and more comfortably. Then, lift your left arm to reach upward and stretch your body toward the right side. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and do the same with the other side.

Bottom Line

Maintaining a good posture is not only for the sake of having a much better physical appearance, but it is also essential to your overall health. So, try to apply these suggested workouts that target most parts of the body affected when your posture is less-than-perfect. Just be sure to consult your doctor first before you try these workouts to make sure that you are in excellent condition to perform all of these suggested exercises.

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