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Lumo Back Review – How Effective It Is


lumobackThis is to introduce Lumo Back and do Lumoback reviews on how it can help the people to address their problems on back pain.

Many people for as long as their lifetime experience back pain. Some has minimal pain, which they occasionally endure, while others live in constant pain, which gets even worse whenever they move. The situation may have been due to a bad fall or from lifting too heavy objects or it set in gradually and stayed. In the end, the experience will come to a point that will make standing, sitting, walking or sleeping a big challenge.

No matter what type of back pain a person is experiencing, unless an improvement on the posture is made and a serious effort is done to stand, sit and walk accordingly, the pain will never go away. A therapist or a doctor can be of help, however, it is still up to the affected person to maintain proper posture and do exercises. Although the matter seems to become painful to miserable, an effective way to address the matter is on the way.

Get introduced to a new device programmed to remind individuals when their posture needs correction and will even recommend how. The Lumo Back by zero2one was first introduced in 2011 and the buzz helped many since then. The gadget is acting as a posture coach; it measures minute metric such as posture, the numbers of steps made, sitting duration and the way you sleep. It has a sensor that is attached on a belt, which gently vibrates to remind user to stand properly and sit straight.

Moreover, you can track everything for the whole day anywhere you go through a mobile device. With an app, control the device when to buzz, how to buzz and even how intense to do the buzzing. Lumo Back is a convenient way to address back pain.


Lumo Back is capable of delivering real-time posture status and body movement stats directly through a regular mobile phone. Using the device provides you with the advantage of applying its features that are instrumental in implementing positive adjustments on posture and other related aspects leading to a significant improvement of your health.

  • Sitting Up Straight – Lumo Back is capable of determining the number of times you slouch over the time of sitting up straight. It allows monitoring of your progress and provides posture score to indicate your improvement.
  • Sitting and Active Time Tracking – Should you try to be active in losing weight, to be in better shape or just to improve overall health, Lumo back can be of help in providing the data of the number of times you sit down compared to the times when you are actively walking or running.
  • Tracking the Numbers of Steps Made – Knowing how many steps one is taking is essential in measuring daily activity and in motivating improvement.
  • Monitoring of Sleeping Position – One can track duration of sleep as well as the positions. This is instrumental in assessing the quality of sleep and the best position for a rested and comfortable sleeping.
  • Car Mode Feature – Lumo Back tracks the time that you are behind the wheel and exclude it in calculating the overall posture score. The device can be shut-off while you are driving in order to prevent buzzing, which can lead to distraction and unnecessary startling.
  • Lumo Back Avatar – The avatar provides real-time visual corrections in helping to be in the perfect posture.
  • Stats tracking over Different Time Frames – Be able to track the real time activity and compile the data to show progress. It can display the hourly, daily, weekly as well as the monthly stats on the posture and the activity level to compare them to the goals set for self and other users of the device.

Lumo Back Sensor

The lumoback posture sensor is a slim, lightweight device measuring 10cm long, 4.1cm wide and 8mm thick with an elastic waistband loop on each end, using Velcro for fastening. It is conveniently positioned flat at your back to do the monitoring. You can wear the belt over or under the clothes, whichever is preferred.

Moreover, the belt can be worn to match any style of clothing from business attire to exercising gear because it can fit easily through the belt loops or you can wear it directly touching the skin. The sensor should be positioned to sit at the lower back, just a little above the hipbone. Ensure that the sensor belt fits snug in order to prevent from shifting, however not to tight that it brings discomfort while wearing.

The sensor has a rechargeable battery and can last up to maximum of six days. The LED light is green if it still has charges and turns yellow if charging is already necessary. The unit can be fully charged in an hour using a standard USB connector.

The sensor effectively notifies the user when in bad posture with signals of varying degrees. The device delivers a quick and gentle buzz to tell the user that his/her posture needs correction. You can either choose the pulse or buzz once option for notification. The intensity of the vibration and for how long it should vibrate can also be adjusted accordingly.

Lumo Back Mobile App

This device can be used along with your mobile phone through an app programmed for the purpose. The app is compatible with iOS devices. It uses the Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly connect to the mobile app and to send signals and information.

The mobile app facilitates the immediate feedback concerning the user’s posture. It processes daily reports that are essential in monitoring how well the posture was and how often it was corrected throughout the day. It also keeps track and compares the daily activities including the number of steps made, sitting, standing, walking as well as sleeping.
Moreover, the app is capable of connecting with other lumo back users through the social networks. This feature enables the user to relate with other users who are also having their own experience of back pain. It permits the users in exchanging advice and valuable tips related to the use of the device as well as their personal progress.

Additionally, one great advantage of using Lumo back app is the ability in setting up personal goals that are related to the posture as well as the levels of activity. The user can identify the number of times he/she stands and compare the same to the goal set and with the average of other users.


Overall, Lumo Back is an outstanding product in providing remedy necessary to address back pain. Through this lumoback review, prospective customers who are experiencing back pain have ways to know and understand how the product can help them on their particular concerns. Moreover, users will have the benefit to apply how Lumo Back can actually help them with their back pain experiences.

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